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  • The 3 Main Categories of Investments

  • Tax Liens vs Tax Deeds

  • Learning the County Rules and Regulations

  • How the tax lien process works

  • Categories of investments for research

  • How often does the county have sales

  • Types of auctions

  • The Bidding Process

  • Redemption Process and Foreclosures

  • Are there risk?  If so, what are they?

  • The research process

  • Property checklist

  • What if i just want the high interest rate and not the property?

  • What to do  if you want to acquire the property

  • Where to buy tax lien certificates…  list of lien states



                    TAX SALES CALENDAR

  •  The difference between liens and deeds

  •  The 3 different types of deeds

  •  The deed process

  •   How to locate the deeds

  •   How to screen the list of properties

  •   How to research and understand the bid rules for each county

  •   How to do comparative market analysis  

  •   The auction process   

  •   The how to buy strategies

  •   How to set the purchase price 

  •   How to prepare for live auctions

  •   The online auction process

  •   How to bid

  •   Learn about post auction properties and

  •   How to find properties you can buy for the back taxes after the auction.

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